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Algin for Heavy Metal and Radioactivity Detox
This page explains the benefit of Algin, especially as it relates to heavy metal detox.


Recommended For

  • Heavy Metal Detox - Algin is an essential part of any heavy metal detox plan because it helps to prevent redistribution of the harmful substances. We recommend Algin for anyone detoxing heavy metals. It is particularly useful for mercury, lead, strontium-90, and barium.
  • Barium Detox - Algin is a powerful barium binding agent that keeps barium from redistributing in the body.
  • Radioactivity Detox - Algin is known for its protective action in relation to radioactivity including radiation-based cancer treatments.
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  • Primary (essential) supplement for detoxing heavy metals
  • Effective against mercury, lead, strontium-90, barium, cadmium, manganese, tin, zinc, and various radioactive materials
  • A healthy non-digestible fiber source
  • May help reduce cholesterol by inhibiting bile acid absorbtion
  • Appears to stimulate T-cell production and function
  • Batches pretested for mercury and other heavy metal contamination
  • One of our most popular products
  • All NSP products adhere to the strict guidelines provided in California proposition 65 for purity (non-contamination)

Our Thoughts

Algin is one of our favorite supplements. We use it to relieve symptoms of and protect the body against the harmful effects of heavy metal poisoning including mercury that leaches from "silver" dental fillings and is found in vaccine preservatives (Thimerosal).

Possibly the most dangerous issue related to detoxing heavy metals from the body is called "redistribution". This is when the metal comes out of body tissue, enters the blood stream, gets filtered and placed into the intestinal tract, only to be reabsorbed back into the bloodstream and redeposited into other body tissue thereby causing additional symptoms and harm to the body. Our experience has shown that Algin effectively protects against redistribution. Here's how.

Algin is a non-digestible fiber (categorized as a polysaccharide) found in brown seaweeds such as Kelp. Algin absorbs heavy metals forming an insoluble gel-like salt and then carries them through the digestive system. The net effect is that your symptoms are greatly reduced and in many cases we know of (and in our personal experience), symptoms completely go away.

The protective action that Algin provides is particularly important during heavy metal detox —a time when most people feel particularly bad. By using Algin, you can reduce or eliminate your symptoms and protect your body from redistribution. You may also increase the rate at which you detox knowing that Algin is protecting you (check with your health care provider for safe detox rates).

Many of our customers have become ecstatic about Algin. They tell us that Algin relieved their symptoms related to heavy metals and allowed them to feel normal again. Being victims of heavy metal ourselves (see our mercury amalgam story), we have used NSP's Algin for years. It is the first supplement we reach for when symptoms reccur. It has become one of our most popular products.

How To Buy

To order Algin just call us or order online. Remember, if your order totals $40 or more, you will receive everything at wholesale cost for the next year (including this order).

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